Fall of fame- Our favourite snack Maggie

A person born in the 80’s needs no introduction to Maggie. The best breakfast that could be available before the widespread introduction of cornflakes and pasta. Ask any random person born during the 80’s and 90’s, they will confirm the same. Maggie was the largest brand of noodles proudly owned by Nestle.

Perhaps its the only brand that made Nestle a household name. A cousin of mine, at 3 years age, could pronounce only Maggie and mutton properly.

Cut to 2015. All of a sudden the whole nation was shocked. Excess Lead was found in some samples of Maggie.

This lead to further checking and verification by the national authorities and in most of the cases that was found to be true. Initially some states were reluctant about a ban on Maggie, but when reports confirmed that Maggie has unhealthy elements, most of the states and the national authorities as a whole imposed an indefinite ban on Maggie.

The Maggie authorities questioned the checking patterns and quality of Indian authorities but under unfavorable circumstances, they called back all the packets from the market.

Millions of heart were broken. The trekkers who survived for days in the mountains, the students who literally ate only Maggie for weeks in hostels, the children who loved it more than anything else were all left heartbroken.

What remains is the memories that happened along with a bowl of these delicious noodles.

Whether it’s the carelessness of the Maggie brand or due to any other reason, the incident has left a void in the life of millions of Indians who are still wandering what went wrong.


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