Travelling- The best teacher

World renowned traveler Ibn e Battuta once quoted, “Travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you to a storyteller’’. Ibn e Battuta started travelling at the age of 21 and visited entire Asia, Central and West Africa before retiring to his hometown and dying in his sixties. Fa Hien and Hiuen Tsang traveled thousands of kilometers by road, walking across the old silk route just to reach India and learn the Buddhist teachings and visit places holy for the Buddhists.

There are many ways travelling changes a human being. Just as Battuta quoted, it turns you to a storyteller.

  1. Broadens your mind set: The more you travel, the more you meet people and the more you learn about the world. You don’t remain the same person once you start travelling. You will find people differentiating others on various grounds. But these people have never visited the places from where these people came from. When you got to know the language and culture of others you automatically start accepting them.
  1. Makes you liberal: Travelling helps you to become more liberal. You don’t judge people on any ground any more. You don’t judge people at all. That’s the power of travelling.
  1. Makes you more adaptive: People tend to be more conservative if they stay in the same place throughout their lives. But you change once you travel. When I went for trekking in the Himalayas, the tough lives led by the hilly people and the simplicity of the coolies changed my mind and I tried to adapt to situations rather than hating it for bad circumstances.
  1. Better than reading a good book: Personally I like reading books, but travelling has taught me that travelling and meeting new people is better than reading a good book. It’s like living the characters all by you. Travelling with a good book? Well, that’s a dream come true.
  1. It’s fun: Walter Mitty in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was 17 when his dad died and he had to take up a job. He never tried to travel and see the world, until a few events which led him travel to Greenland then going to Iceland by sea. Surviving a volcanic eruption in Iceland to climbing the highest peak of northern Afghanistan. That’s when he found out an old diary where his das gave him a message, saying “Have Fun-Dad’’.
  1. Best teacher: Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of crystal skull once advised to a young archaeology student, “If you wanna be a good archaeologist, you gotta get out of the Library first’’. Nothing teaches better than life and the best teacher life can offer is travelling.
  1. A gigantic pile of gold can’t stop a traveler from travelling: Explorers in the nineteenth century explored entire Australia, South Africa and Zimbabwe for gold and silver. But it’s true that, if you have a thirst for travelling, a gigantic pile of gold can’t stick you to the same place.

Meher Moos, an Indian traveler, has visited more than 180 countries and has 18 passports stamped by all these countries. She has said she wants to exchange her travels for one thing only, more travel. Wanna travel?


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2 Responses to Travelling- The best teacher

  1. Shaoni Rana says:

    Always loved the road trip movies … I wud love to b a traveler rather than a tourist.. Thanks for sharing


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