Being Broke

That’s what Housing Co-founder & ex-CEO Rahul Yadav updated and indicated that he is thrilled, apparently. I don’t know whether he is actually funny or is just being sarcastic, but this guy do have the guts. He had the guts to start a company, sell majority stakes just for the sake of the company, have a fall out with the investors who were the legal owners of the company, resign, take the resignation letter back, get fired, and asking the avengers to be back as the world needs them again.

This guy has certainly been a rockstar. A first generation entrepreneur, he risked everything in his life. And now, apparently he has the money for 45 days of survival, having left his huge apartment earlier this month due to heavy rent.

Having money left for 45 days is a panic inviting situation for any person. But if rumors to be believed, and his sarcastic messages to be encrypted, he is coming with a next project within the next four weeks.

He reminds us of the quote from the movie Fight Club, ”It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”


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