Engineerbabu- Story of a small town guy

The list of tech start-ups in India is long. While some are creating apps to find hotels and their menus, others are finding solutions to taxi hiring problems faced in large cities. Apps are doing wonders in today’s world. Even some companies are shutting down their sites and coming up with the app only concept. While some are doing really well, some are struggling hard to find a ground. But there is one common factor with tech start-ups in India. They all are started in Metropolis like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune or Bangalore, with Bangalore topping the chart and Mumbai racing fast ahead.

But seldom people think about starting a tech company based at a place where there is very less opportunity for tech start-ups, like Jamshedpur, Raipur, Nagpur or Gwalior. These cities have good trading businesses to their credit but not really they have a share in the tech market.

The small town dreamer


But there are some guys like Mayank Pratap, who actually starts a tech start-up in one of such cities. Mayank Pratap co-founded with a friend in 2014 at Indore, a city known for being the largest city in Madhya Pradesh and its trading centres.

He is one of the few dreamers who believe in creating value rather than creating wealth. Hailing from a small town of Tikamgarh, Mayank completed his engineering studies in Indore before moving to Bangalore to work for a social networking giant. But he had a dream to start something on his own. This dream started in his college days when he created Vendasss SSS, a social media services company. But he had to shut it down sometimes later as social media services was not that into people’s lives at that time and was not appreciated much.

The second venture

He went on to create titliyan with some friends. The idea was nice, handmade cards. They started making profit initially but had to give up the idea due to some unavoidable circumstances. But they didn’t lose hope.

team engineerbabu

Mayank came up with an idea to create an organisation called engineerbabu to help engineers get job in 2012. Initially it was all that about the company but in 2014 they entered app designing and since then they have created more than 200 apps, and counting. The most successful app has been the mericar. It helps find a local repairman in one’s locality.

Mayank has also done some smart business moves. He purchased some product online from a chinese e-commerce giant and sold it on an e-commerce platform in India. This model has helped him survive the initial phases of hardship.

Hailing from a small town and a middle class family, he has seen hardships at very early stage of life. Sometimes he used to do classes under the trees, as is common in many small-town government schools. Those days has helped him in building the resistance and not giving up on dreams.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A few days back team Engineerbabu has come up with a new idea. They created a new initiative called KOPAL which is their way of CSR. Through Kopal, one can donate any sum of money to any NGO, old age home, orphanage, etc.  After donation of the amount, team engineerbabu will create a business website for the money donor after verifying the amount receipt. Through this way they will make the web presence of the client felt and also get the requisite funding for these people who are deprived of a happy life.

Mayank hopes to make it big with hard work and team effort. He points out that working in a small town is not an easy task as there is hardly any start-up culture in these tier-2 cities but he has not left any stone unturned.
And the result is the company is successful in creating value for the clients and at the same time helping those who struggle with their own start-ups. He and his team have been remarkable in the journey and hope to keep doing well in future also.

Picture Courtesy- Mayank Pratap


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2 Responses to Engineerbabu- Story of a small town guy

  1. senseiteve says:

    He ia a good friend of mine and I have seen the struggle but he is a fighter who comes out stronger every time 🙂 way to go Mayank.

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  2. Renuka says:

    Amazing Si
    r !!


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