Bengalis in business

Every Bengali born and brought up in India or elsewhere must have heard one thing in common, ”business is not for bengalis”, or ”bengalis cannot usher in business”. And majority of the growing kids have believed it to be true. But, there is a contradictory fact which many people have never recognized. There lies a traditional business in West Bengal where bengalis have kept their dominance for more than a hundred years, the Jewelry business.

Any person who have visited Bowbazar in Kolkata must have been astonished to witness hundreds of jewellers doing business in the same place. It’s like the Gold mine has itself arrived in Kolkata.

Jewellers such as P C Chandra, B Sirkar Johuree and many others have dominated the gold and silver business. Majority of the businesses have been owned by the bengali families for more than a hundred years.

They have excelled in making jewelry and people from nearby districts and states flock to Bowbazar to purchase the jewelry of their own choice. Be it a marriage ceremony or just another occasion, gold ornaments have been purchased from these traditional business houses.

They have always worked hard in achieving what they have been doing the best and their family members have also always been able to catch up the family business. These business have ushered among all other businesses and they have proved that to run a business you need to plan properly and hard work. You can do business successfully being a bengali also.


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