Opportunistic Marketing

Today’s business world is a competitive world. In order to get success, all the companies rely on advertisement and marketing. That is the order of the day. Without marketing nobody can survive, let alone make profit.

While some people are campaigning directly about their products, some are involved in surrogate advertisement. Creative writing is another form of marketing which has found some ground in the last few years. It’s a kind of paid review or naming the product as a part of the writing set up.

There are also some brand which never does any kind of advertisement, they just rely of word-of-mouth publicity. There is an Indian rum brand which never gets involved in any form of surrogate advertising. This company runs by its fan following. This rum sells on word-of-mouth publicity. Its being done by their strong loyal customer base.

A third form of marketing is spot-on marketing or opportunistic marketing. Nothing is planned here. The owner or the Executives who find the situation ripe enough to make certain marketing move, does it efficiently.

A small illustration.

Last year I went for a rock-climbing course organised by Kharagpur Explorers Association. It was a 5 day basic rock climbing course where a student is being taught the basics of rock climbing and mountaineering. In our team was a guy who runs a mobile phone selling and servicing company in Kharagpur.

This guy was not so popular in the camp. He was an average guy running his own business and interested in mountaineering. In the last day when the certificates and grades were being distributed, he made a spot on publicity. He declared in the name of the company, that, the person who gets first rank, will be sponsored by him to undertake the Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) from the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI), Darjeeling.

Everybody present, instantly got surprised by the decision and also asked about his shop’s whereabouts. As most of the people were either from Kharagpur or nearby areas, they became his potential customers.

This form of marketing or opportunistic marketing can bring in a lot of business if used at potential places.

Any form of publicity, if used in a good set up, can bring instant hits for the company and can be crucial and beneficial in the long run.


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    Khub bhalo concept….

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