Life Management hacks from TVF Pitchers

I have been following TVF videos for over a year. Their awesome contents have always attracted majority of the youth these days. Their latest series Pitchers have dealt with 4 friends who are working hard for their start-ups during the day and having a pitcher of beer in the evening.


While they face hardships to get their start-up started and get funded, we can genuinely learn some life management lessons from them. They are:

  1. Hum sab beer hai: A famous line from the show that became an anthem for all start-up guys. This is actually a metaphor meaning that we all have a characteristic of liquid. We settle down the jar or bottle we are put in. If we are put in a bottle but our heart cries for the glass, we will have to come out of the bottle first to get into the glass. Our lives are also like that, we adjust to situations which we don’t like, instead of trying to come out of the situation and making it big.
  2. Valuable employee to the company: Most of the companies actually don’t care for the employees; all they do care for is the profit they get. A famous quote by Dr A P J Abdul Kalam says, ‘’Love your Job but do not love your company, you never know when your company stops loving you.’’
  3. A bird in hand is better than two in the bush: Well, this is certainly not for the entrepreneurs. If they don’t take the alternative route, how will they know whether they will end up successful or be doomed?
  4. Choosing vs. reacting to a situation: We sometimes react to a rejection or a bad situation but we end up regretting the decision. But when given a choice to choose between a lucrative offer and a dream, that is when we understand whether we want our dreams badly or not. Naveen wisely chose his dreams and cancelled his Beijing trip.
  5. No unnecessary expenses: Start-up guys can never afford unnecessary expenses. This might be true for anyone. Unnecessary expenses are never welcome.
  6. Convincing near and dear ones: We need to take our near and dear ones into confidence before taking any major life decisions. Jitu had to take at least his wife in confidence, though he was unable to win over his dad. But he at least tried to convince him.
  7. We need a plumber only when tap is damaged: People only goes to them whom they need. If they don’t need you in the team, they won’t let you join, ever.
  8. Don’t hire any XYZ for your company: Yogi went on to hire Chintu as an intern and made a huge mistake. Not only did Chintu put on absurd figure as a demand, he went on to cheat Yogi and team.
  9. Persistence never dies: The start-up guys under the able leadership of Naveen went door to door for funding, but could not find any potential investor. They were even stopped presenting their product at an investor’s summit, but they won every odds just by fighting back.
  10. Don’t let anyone get control over your dreams, just for money: Gary Bhujiawala offered them huge money as seed funding, but claimed 51% stake in their company. This was actually the ownership stake. This virtually made Gary the owner of the product and he could have interfered whenever he wanted. The team did not sell their control to anybody just for the greed of money.
  11. Follow your heart: Naveen used to flip coins to know what his heart wanted, and stood by his heart. A must learn trait to choose what our heart wanted.
  12. Bulb Jalega Boss: When the team were not allowed to pitch their idea in front of renowned investors, they went on board and gave a powerful speech earning everyone’s admiration. We need to go against popular beliefs sometimes just to earn some respect. When we need to switch on a light and don’t know which switch to turn on, all we need is to keep on turning all the switches on so that the room shines with light.
  13. Don’t drink to your own loss: A glass of cold beer on a warm evening or casual partying with friends is really nice and appreciable but we should drink responsibly. Mandal drank so much that he did not realise when Rastogi stole his pen drive full of data regarding their start-up.
  14. Dungeon_master’s threat: Anyone can be potential threat in our daily lives. When Chintu stole their idea hacking into their system and threatened to leak personal chat history if they approached legal system, they were taken a setback. Nobody expected him to go to such extent. But this one was evident as Chintu hinted that he was a master hacker in their initial meet.
  15. Fight back: Nobody ever expected Jitu to take strong decisions, let alone bursting out his anger, coz he was an introvert. But he was so pissed off by the attitude of Chintu towards him, all hell broke loose and he broke all the electronic devices that were available in Chintu’s room thus preventing him from threat regarding privacy. Also, it proved that one needs to be strong and rude when situation needed.
  16. Bullying needs to be answered strongly: Yogi was bullying Mandal all the time and when Mandal disclosed that his pen drive might be stolen and data taken by Rastogi he bullied him with harsh words. But then they realised that it was stolen by Chintu. Mandal made an emotional presentation and wanted to leave the team unable to bear the bullying. But then Yogi understood his wrong actions and apologised thus preventing the team to break up right before the seed funding.
  17. Confidence and honesty pays back: Chintu and team had pitched the same idea to the same investor before them, but when Jitu threatened legal action and broke their computers, Chintu offered ownership stake to Bharadwaj, the investor. But Mandal was quick in his emotional presentation and they were offered seed funding by Bharadwaj as he understood their passion and dedication.

Team TVF made a lot of efforts and thus made an awesome series also teaching some valuable management and life lessons. The team has been fantastic in projecting anything which they ever wanted to project. Good effort never dies and thus we wish TVF keeps us entertaining and making their mark in the Indian series industry. Good Luck TVF.

Pic source: Facebook page of TVF Qtiyapa and TVF Pitchers


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