Problems faced by a person from non business family

A person trying to set up a new business on his own faces a lot of problems, specially in India. As in our country we have at some point of time heard that business is not for the middle-class, it’s for the rich people.

The society lacks many a thing in this aspect. Instead of nurturing a persons business acumen, they tend to dissuade him. Nobody asks an entrepreneur what do you want to offer. They ask him why do you want to enter business.

They are normally advised to join some good company or some government job.

What exact problems do these people face? And how do they overcome it?

Lets discuss with some points.

  1. What will people say?: Why should a new comer bother what will people say. People are there to say. What else can they do? When Kunal Shah started the idea of Freecharge, people used to ask him, ”oh you guys do pre-paid recharge?” That was what their thinking was. But now Freecharge is worth 450 mn USD and counting.
  2. I have no capital: You need an idea to do business. If your idea is rock solid, you will get funded. How much money did Steve Jobs have when he started Apple?
  3. No expertise: Well nobody comes to this earth after learning everything, so eventually even a first generation businessman will also get proper expertise.
  4. Skills: Well, if management graduates can go to a business school and learn management skills why can’t a person dealing with real life problems deal with it?
  5. Family pressure: Our parents always wants the best for us. So eventually if they understand that this is our passion, they will support here also.

So these problems should never be a problem and they in fact should keep us motivated to move further in our life and get what we have always wanted for us.

Just remember what Steve Jobs has said, ”the people who believe they can change the World, can actually do it”.


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2 Responses to Problems faced by a person from non business family

  1. Chandrasekhar says:

    Wah wah well said …no body comes to this earth after learning everything….

    Liked by 2 people

  2. debashri2015 says:

    Why bother?
    If u really want 2 do something, u’ll find a way. If u don’t, u’ll find an excuse….

    Liked by 1 person

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