Entrepreneur with a college degree or not

Recently I came through these types of questions, whether a person intending to become an entrepreneur need to have a college degree or not.

Well, Come Let’s finish college, said no IT billionaire ever. This is a very famous quote in the start-up world.

Let’discuss this with some examples.

Who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who sees an opportunity and makes them into a successful business. Do you need a college degree to identify a problem? No. Do you need it to make a successful business? No.

Being a college graduate certainly gives an upper hand as any day you can quit and go to find some job. Or it helps to take you certain business decisions. But it’s certainly not necessary.

Here are some examples who have never been to college and yet they have been regarded as milestones of entrepreneurship during their times.

  1. Dwarkanath Tagore: Grandfather of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore was an eminent businessman. He had trading and supply business with the British. He never had any formal education.
  2. Dhirubhai Ambani: He needs no introduction. He has been a petrol pump attendant and has risen to own the largest refinery of India.
  3. Seth Walchand: Seth Walchand went on to create the Walchand Group and was an eminent businessman of his time.
  4. Sudhir Ruparelia: Richest man of East Africa, he was a high school student when he was exiled out of Uganda along with 80,000 other Asians. He returned back to his motherland a few years later to create a conglomerate and become a billionaire.
  5. Ritesh Agarwal: The founder of Oyo Rooms, quit his college after 3-4 days and founded his first venture at the age of 18. Today at 22, he is the founder and CEO of Oyo Rooms.

These are just a few names in the business world, who have made it big without a college degree. All you require is a proper vision, hard work, dedication and a proper team. The rest will be history.

So many people have made it, anybody who has the above traits can make it. With or without a degree, hardly matters.


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