Bring me food

Foodie people are best described by one liner, ‘’I like food when I’m bored, I’m always bored’’. People love food. Some loves to eat, some loves to make others eat.

Bengali babu with corporate dreams

When Shantanu Bose was studying in IES Bhopal, he loved to eat. But in a dramatic turn of events, he is now in love with making people eat! He is now the proprietor of where people order food through his website.

Born and raised in small Copper Ore township of Malanjkhand, Shantanu grew up in a typical Bengali environment. He loved Shukto and Fish, just like any other Bengali kid. Also, he dreamed of becoming an engineer. That too just like any other kid.

But fate had some other plans for him. After graduating in 2011, he moved to Delhi to find a good job. A few weeks later when he was not yet successful, he thought of moving to Bangalore to find a career direction. But hurdles are always a part for a successful person, so happened with our Bengali babu. He felt uneasy with his body, he was diagnosed with Abdominal Koch, a form of abdominal tuberculosis. And he was hospitalized for a long period of 6 months. But with the blessings of his family and the treatment by doctors, he is living his second life. And so he moved to Bhopal with his parents.

The first

During these times he came with a website called which was an online book store. But it didn’t work well. After that, came his which was an online food ordering site. He does not charge for the services provided, He just focused to deliver proper services and get recognition for his work.

Launched first at Bhopal, is a website that enables one to order food from the nearby locality. The order should be of more than Rs 250. They have four cities listed till date- Bhopal, Indore, Jaipur and Pune, more cities are lined up. Also they have listed the neighborhoods of these cities and restaurants under the sub-group neighborhoods.


Shantanu at his workplace

Serial entrepreneur

A serial entrepreneur by nature, he recently came up with two more projects. He has started a software development company called and, which provides homemade food for the people who does not live with family and yearn for homemade food.

The software development firm provides him enough revenues so that he can expand to other mid-sized cities. That’s his dream.

Home-made food

Bhopal is a place where people come from various towns and villages of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. What they surely miss is homemade food. Even Shantanu, when he came to Bhopal from Malanjkhand missed this mostly. There are many players who provide homemade food, but they miss one thing, quality. So he came with his fourth project. And he provides quality home cooked food to people who need it. A good theme along with a good business model indeed.

Future dreams

Dreams are those that do not allow us to sleep. After all these projects, Shantanu has been planning to expand his two basic website and to other tier-2 cities in India. With a good team in hand he controls everything from his control room in Bhopal.

Also he plans to take his software development firm to a next level by providing value added services to the corporate world.

Image courtesy- Shantanu Bose


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  1. debashri2015 says:

    whether we like it or not, failure is a necessary stepping stone to achieving our dreams……

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