Milkman of India- Dr Verghese Kurien


A man with great talents

Little did Dr Verghese Kurien think while he half-heartedly joined the experiment project in Anand, Kheda, Gujarat in 1949 that he was going to head a revolution.

Dr Verghese Kurien was born in Calicut in 1921. After completing his graduation from Loyola College, Chennai, he did his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering Guindy and further studies from Tata Steel Technical Institute, Jamshedpur.

He then went to study at Michigan State University at a Govt of India scholarship on the condition that he would serve the nation after coming back.

White Revolution

Dr Kurien was not interested to continue his job at Gujarat but was persuaded by Sri Tribhuvandas Patel, to stay back. Both Kurien and Patel shared the Ramon Magsaysay award in 1963.

The job was tough. Being an agrarian and a diverse nation, bringing the dairy farmers under a single roof was the toughest job. But he succeeded in bringing them together and formed the Anand Milk Union Limited (AMUL).

Operation Flood

At the initiative of Govt of India, the National Dairy Development Board was formed and Dr Kurien was made the chairman of the Board. He was given the task to make India a milk-sufficient nation.

During these times a friend of Kurien, Mr H M Dalaya invented the procedure to make skim milk powder and condensed milk from Buffalo milk. This gave AMUL an edge over Nestle and other players.


A great human being and a farsighted visionary, Dr Kurien was instrumental in the formation of Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA).

His initiatives not only increased the milk production of the nation, it also increased the agrarian income as a whole.

Less talked Legend

Despite great achievements, Dr Verghese Kurien is a man about whom there is hardly any news. Social entrepreneurs like Dr Kurien should have been hailed as a pioneer in social entrepreneurship. But hardly people talk about him.

The nation needs to salute the real heroes who used great talent and greater vision to uplift the nation and increase the standard of living of it’s people.

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