An Open letter to Mr Aamir Khan, my childhood idol

Dear Mr Aamir Khan,


I grew up watching your movies. Despite the fact that most of my friends were fans of Salman or SRK, I was your fan because of the themes you chose as your movie.

You have dealt with terrorism sensitively in Sarfarosh, you inspired our whole generation with Rang De Basanti. You filled our eyes with tear with Taare Zameen Par. None of the other Khans ever worked on so many varieties.

When you made PK, targeting the problems with religion, you somewhere made fun of Lord Shiva, which sparked protests throughout the nation. But the nation also watched the movie and made it a hit.

You have married, twice, both times to Hindu girls. Your sister was also married to Hindu. Imran Khan, your nephew is a Bengali Hindu by his father’s side. I don’t know which religion he follows. Nobody cares which religion you all belong to as, you are an actor, your acting and your social work defines you, not your religion.

A few days back a group of writers and film-makers were returning their awards, amid the Bihar elections. The election ended and the award wapsee gang stopped being bothered. Why did they stopped being bothered all of a sudden?

But never did I think that you will also join them. You are a legend. You increased social awareness on so many topics.

Fight the situation instead of spreading fear. If you are alarmed by the situation, you should meet the Prime Minister and President and ask them to take care of the situation, instead of shaming the nation or it’s people in the media. PM Narendra Modi invited you to the Swacch Bharat campaign, surely you can fix a meeting with him.

We would like your family living freely in India along with billions of fellow Indians. Nobody supports any type of misdeeds. What happened in Dadri or any other part, has to be condemned. But at the same time the State Government should ensure the law and order, blaming the Central Government on each and every thing is plainly done for some political gain.

Mr Khan, please urge the respective state governments to take care of the law and order. I hope they will listen to you. Spread a positive environment, do not fall pray to anybody’s political agenda.

Also, I hope you to condemn the recent comments by people like Mani Shankar Aiyar who went on to urge Pakistan’s help to remove the BJP government.

Make good movies, but don’t insult the people who spend their hard earned money to make your movie a blockbuster.

It was you who said, ”Koi desh perfect nahi hota, use perfect banana parta hai”, in Rang De Basanti. Let’s pledge to work towards it together.


Yours sincerely

An Insulted Indian



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