Lijjat papad- Empowering women since 1959

Beginning of a dream

On a warm March morning in 1959, a team of 7 women met at the terrace of one of them. That was a small get together. which led to their forming of a team whose sole motive was women empowerment. They decided to make and sell papads in the market.

After successful selling of the first lot of papad made by them, they decided to continue the effort and move on as an organization. Thus came the ”Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad”.

For the Women

The organization has a motivation very similar to what Dr Verghese Kurien dreamed about AMUL. They wanted to empower women. They give raw materials to women and collect the papad made my them. A very sustainable theme where lakhs of women get their regular source of income, thus giving them financial independence.

By the women

The organization structure is run by the women. The current office bearers, all women runs this unique women only organisation. Their website gives the names of the senior management. They are:

  1. President- Swati R Paradkar
  2. Vice President- Pratibha E Sawant
  3. Secretary- Sharda D Kubal
  4. Secretary- Priyanka G Redkar
  5. Treasurer- Namita N Sakpal
  6. Treasurer- Sheetal S Koyande

Of the women

There is a managing committee of 21 members who runs the organization along with these 6 office bearers. Another great model where there are no investors, no CEO, no Board of Directors.


They have a floor division, a masala division, a printing division, advertising, chapati, polypropylene and detergent powder division.


They have a nice combination of business, family and devotion. They have a very clear division among it also, thus enabling them to grow along with their financial upliftment.

They have a well established path for women to become self reliant and self confident. This organization is a proof that you don’t need to be a superman type human to do good for the society. A common person has the power to give financial independence and can be managed by common people, if you have a clear vision and sustainable growth model.



Image credit- Google images

Information from Lijjat papad website.


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