Sell me the pen/pencil stories

Interviewer asks a question to a sales representative, ”Sell me this paper cup”.

Sales Boy: Sir, I have an excellent item. This has archaeological and historical links.

Interviewer: And what is that?

SB: This paper cup. You must purchase it.

I: Why should I purchase this simple paper cup?

SB: Sir, you see. This is the oldest available indigenous paper cup model available. The design of this paper cup has been mentioned in many old books of historical facts. During the medieval ages, this was the cup prevalent among the masses to drink tea.

But the cups during those days were made by clay. Then some scientists suggested the use of paper cup to avoid environment pollution. Even this is mentioned in many books of 19th century.

I: Is there any proof?

SB: Sir there is a book where all these things are mentioned and the book is the compilation of various facts. I have the book also. Would you like to purchase the book?

I: how much for the book?

SB: only Rs 1,750.

I: How much does the cup cost?

SB: Only Rs 175.

I: *facepalm*. Sell me the cup.

The situation is hypothetical.


Image- Google images


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