Agricultural start-ups


Agricultural start-ups are not very common in India. Normally, agriculture is not a very respected profession in the society. But time has changed, so has the mentality of people.

Agriculture is a very good start-up in countries like USA, Canada, Australia and Uganda where people can hold huge lands. There are people engaged in large scale farming in these countries.

In India most of the states have some rules regarding land holding. Agriculture is very rarely done as an organization. Most of the people are engaged in small scale farming. For e.g in WB nobody can hold land more than 18 acres.

Also, some problems faced in India regarding agriculture are:

1. Irrigation facility is not evenly developed throughout the country. While Punjab and Haryana has good irrigation, canal facility in Maharashtra and Odhisha is not adequate.

2. There are some specifications like tribal land and non-tribal lands, where there are certain sets of rules regarding tribal lands. A non-tribal cannot purchase tribal land in general circumstances and there are some sets of rules and procedures to purchase it. This has been done to check the tribals being exploited by the non-tribals.

3. Large scale farming requires large scale of land and thus to detoxify the land and make it suitable for irrigation requires lot of investment.

4. The middleman present in agriculture sector eats up major portion of the profit leaving the farmer very less profitable.

In these circumstances, it will be very difficult to make an agricultural start-up company. But these problems were present in dairy industry also in Gujarat in the 1950’s. But with proper education to the dairy farmers and a co-operative system of organization, AMUL has been able to make the White Revolution.

So, it would be better if you can make it a co-operative society where each and every farmer will have the shares of the company. They can also be a part of the management and can contribute to the growth of the company. Exploitation of farmers can be reduced to a great extent and slowly it will be eradicated.

If the farmers are being able to get proper profit, they will contribute their land for the co-operative society and the area will also develop and get major revenue.

Agriculture co-operative society can be a very respectable social entrepreneurship and this can boost up the production to a greater extent, increasing the revenue generation of the farmers and contributing to the society at large.


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