5 lesser known travel destinations

Most Indians love to travel. While Thailand & Malaysia are the most visited places in Asia, Indians regularly visit Mauritius, Maldives, Turkey and European Union.

But most of the people miss out some lesser known travel destinations which are actually remarkable.

Let’s discuss 5 such travel destinations.

  1. Seychelles: Located near Mauritius, Seychelles is a beautiful country to visit. With exotic beach locations, one should never miss it.


2. Zanzibar: Zanzibar is an island in the Indian Ocean, and an autonomous area of Tanzania. It also houses some exotic beaches and is fairly less expensive as compared to many beach locations. Zanzibar has a long history of trade relations with India and has a chunk of Indian origin people.


3. Falkland Islands: Located very close to Argentina, it is a British Overseas Territory. Stanley, the capital city hosts more than 2,200 people of the total 2,900 people living in the island. Most of the residents are of Welsh and Scottish ancestry.


4. Cambodia: Cambodia has a long history with the Indian sub-continent. It has the world’s largest Hindu temple Angkor Wat. Also it houses awesome beautiful landscapes and beaches.


5. Tuvalu: Tuvalu is a tiny Micronesian nation located in Pacific Ocean. With just 26 sq.km area and just a little more than 10,000 people, it is a calm and cool place to visit.


These places do not find places in the top travelers list in India. But they are just awesome. Hope to visit them soon.




Pic Credit- Google Images


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