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We all love food. It is can be a necessity for the hungry and a luxury at a high end restaurant. In any of the cases, the main driving factor for food is a good recipe.

A good recipe for food is like the screenplay of a movie. A good plot can turn into a disaster, if the screenplay is not perfect. Likewise a good recipe can make small arrangements into a lavish dining.

foodbahn homepage


When Ajay Parthasarathy and his college senior Chinmay Baitule was searching for some food recipe in Google search, they always found some problems as the tags and SEO’s searched some mixed up results. So, they came up with an idea to create a search engine dedicated for foor recipe and hence named it

Ajay and Chinmay booked a domain and started working on their project. Chinmay, in the meanwhile got placed at a software company, but still kept on working in the project at leisure hours. In July, 2015 they launched their website.


Ajay and his partners were regular members in social networks. This helped them reach people. They mainly reached people through social networking and in smaller terms through organic searches. And since Ajay, a final year student at D Y Patil-RAIT, Navi Mumbai is also the marketing head of his college’s student council, marketing was to some extent, his local stuff.


Currently foodbahn has a google customized search where one can go and find recipe’s of various food from the sites of Sanjiv Kapoor, Tarala Dalal, etc. They are working to add some more sites and creating a search of their own. For this reason they need to tie up with some quality sites, offering food recipe.

Future plans

Foodbahn has been trying from day one, to get more traffic to it’s site. That is when they will plan for revenue generation. Currently, though their visibility is very limited, they are still going pretty well, as compared to the timeline since their launch.


Ajay Parthasarathy


They have a vision which clearly indicates that they want to grow big with increased traffic and serving quality recipe’s to the people.

Quality food and good behavior is what makes a god restaurant successful. So quality recipe and links to quality sites is what going to nail their dreams.




Image credit- Facebook and twitter page of Foodbahn


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