Why blogging?

Reading and writing are the two things I like the most. Once a roommate of mine said that I have a tendency to read even number plates and labels on clothes.


Initial days of writing


I wrote a couple of articles during my ICWAI days in the institute’s magazine. Those were study oriented topics.

Then after a few years, I wanted to write something on business and economics. But again, procrastination took over and those thoughts never materialized.


First Blog


In April, 2014. I was reading some article on the Indian indentured labourers who were taken to the West Indies to work on plantations.

I wrote an article after some research on them. My article was in blogspot platform and it was all about Hinduism in it’s Caribbean format.

How they got rid of the social evils like caste system and how the Caribbean version of Hinduism is a hope for Indians who are still carrying the social impact of caste system. I saw a ray of hope in caste-less Hinduism.


Few more contents


I kept on writing few more haphazard blogs on various topics. I was not really sure what was my niche. So I practically kept n writing on anything that came to my mind.

Also, I wrote a few on coffee culture and entrepreneurship.




Then I decided to write on business, entrepreneurship and marketing. Also, I wrote on start-up founders and on social entrepreneurship.

I sort of started getting hooked on this genre.

The next thing I did was to create a free blog in WordPress and keep on writing. After getting some good response from people, I decided it’s time to go live as sarcasticopportunis.com and so on 22nd Feb, 2016 this site came live.

I believe that the subjects I chose has already been used in many sites, but I like to re-write a story, rather than writing 2 pages of boring article.


People likes to read and what they want is good story-telling. I believe to serve the fraternity with my business story-telling.



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About Abhisek

Creative Writer, Blogger, Traveler, Finance Professional
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2 Responses to Why blogging?

  1. Sandip Sarkar says:

    Your creations are knowledge bank for us which serves as backup to move on fulfilling our dreams got paused for motivation & exact BangOn !! Grt job pal šŸ™‚


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