Running the nation- bureaucratically

Ours is a democratic nation. We elect our representatives to the governing body and they govern the nation. But to help them run the nation, we have our own bureaucracy.

Bureaucracy is the legacy of the colonial era. It was first started by the British to manage India as India was a crown colony. The Indian Civil Services were remodeled after independence and now it is known as the Indian Administrative Services or the IAS. Civil Services also includes the IPS, IRS, IRTS, IAAS, IRAS, IDAS, etc.

The UPSC 2015 results are out and Tina Dabi has secured the first place. A 22 year old Political Science graduate Tina has cleared the exams in her very first attempt.

She attributes her success to her family. Her mother advised her to study political science. Her mother is a former Indian Engineering Services officer, now voluntarily retired. Her father is an Indian Telecom Services Officer. Coming from a family of bureaucrats, she has seen the way things work in the government sector from very childhood. This has build her personality and will help her in the long run.

She has a brilliant academic record. As of IAS, she has chosen the Haryana cadre as this will be a very challenging career for her. Haryana is one of the states in India with a low girl-to-boy ratio.

She was inspired about women empowerment during her college days at Lady Sri Ram College.

Dabi has a range of personal hobbies which includes watching English TV series, movies, reading good books and also Madhubani painting.

Loads of congratulations for the young lady for her early success in life and also a good career graph. May her vision remains intact and she keep on working for her goals. It’s the individuals who make up the group. The contribution of every person counts. Every drop of water attributes to form the ocean.

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