Bridging the Gap through a Glove



Thousands of people in this planet are unable to speak. Many of them are highly qualified but their speechlessness sometimes creates a lot of hindrances to their growth. They have a sign language of their own and the do communicate among them and others with the help of hand-made signs.

But not everybody recognizes sign language. Many a time these sign languages are unrecognized by common people who are unfamiliar with them. Hence, the usefulness goes down.

When Karishma Katrat, Mitwa Palkhiwala and Shreya Choithani, students of ECE at Indus University in Ahmedabad were confused about a college project, they were looking for an opportunity. One day, the three friends were having some good time at a café when they suddenly noticed a team of mute (and some mute) dancers. They were great dancers, but they were unrecognized, largely due to the fact, that they were unable to speak.

A thought struck their mind and they thought about creating a device which could help them communicate in a better manner.

They created a specific glove that enables a user to communicate with other people via a glove and an app. The user will wear a glove and will use their specific standard sign language. The glove, which has analog reading device, will convert the sign language and will transmit a coded message to a smartphone app. The app will translate the sign language to any standard language like Hindi or English. This will enable the listener to understand what the other person has to say.

While the glove is still in its crude stage, the girls are working to make it look more user friendly. These college ladies have created such a useful device that this can revolutionize the world for good and always.

While currently they are not in a plan to use it for a commercial reason, they are certainly planning to incorporate more vocabulary in it, so that more people get benefits from it. They have a plan to sell the products at very less margin, just to make it available it for the common man.

We hope they will succeed in their challenge.


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4 Responses to Bridging the Gap through a Glove

  1. Mitwa Palkhiwala says:

    Thanks for publishing it on your blog! It’s nice to see my hardwork getting appreciated 🙂


  2. Abhisek says:



  3. Mitwa Palkhiwala says:

    Thanks for publishing it on your blog! It’s nice to see my hardwork getting appreciated 🙂


    • Ketan Jhaveri says:

      Thanks for publishing such a good project done by college girls. It’s very useful to us understand sign langauge


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