Fictional characters that inspires me the most


This has been answered by me for a quora question.

I am personally inspired by one and only Tyler Durden.

This person has single-handedly built an empire to fight growing consumerism, but not in the traditional way. He has created his own path.

He inspired us by many ways.

He says that all human beings are just decaying organisms and there is no place for ego.

He says that on a long enough timeline the survival rate of everyone drops down to zero. So, people should not think twice before living their dreams.

He says that we don’t need a duvet, in our survival, in the hunter gatherer sense of the term. Thus implying that all we need is food and shelter. All other things we purchase to impress people are just futile. Only those who sells them are making profits. Thus it’s we who are contributing to this growing consumer-based market.

He is an awesome character.

He says things we own, ends up owning us. Yes, that’s Tyler Durden. He ends up inspiring us.


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