Urjit Patel succeeds Raghuram Rajan as the Governor of RBI

In a dramatic turn of events, Dy Governor of RBI, Dr Urjit Patel has succeeded Dr Raghuram Rajan as the Governor of the RBI.

urjit patel

Dr Patel has done his BA in Economics from London School of Economics, M.Phil from Oxford University and his Doctorate from Yale University.

Dr Patel was the Dy Governor of RBI from 2013-16 and will take his office as the Governor from Sept, 2016.

An excellent economist, Dr Patel has worked with IMF from 1990-1995. There after he worked with the RBI in an advisory role. He has also worked as a consultant to GoI in Ministry of Finance from 1998-2001.
He has also worked in various high level committees and has been involved with the country’s economic development in various ways.

He has worked in debt market, banking reforms,  pension fund reforms real exchange rates among others.

With his appointment, he will continue working with the policies RBI has been functioning for the last few years. Also, with his level of expertise, surely things will change for betterment.


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