India pledges $1bn aid to Afghanistan

India has recently pledged $1bn aid to Afghanistan. The news came after PM Narendra Modi and Prez Ashraf Ghani held talks in New Delhi.

This is India’s another help to the South Asian neighbours after the Indo-Afghan friendship dam. Also, the two nations have pledged to help each other in eradicating terrorism and strengthening economic and security ties.

India and Afghanistan share age old relations as the two nations have been part of the same culture that sprang in South Asia thousands of years back.

Both the nations have been part of pre-hstoric civilization where people from both the countries have been involved in art & culture and trade ties.

Afghanistan has been developing it’s infrastructure, education, economic and health care sector in recent times.  In sports also, Afghan team has been doing very well in Football, Cricket, Asian Games & Olympics.

There are many Afghans living in India for generations and they are affectionately called as ‘Kabuliwallas’. Hope the relation between the two nation grows and both of them prosper. The people of both the nation be safe and enjoy prosperity.


Image- Reuters


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