The Rigveda Code – A mytho-historical thriller with roots in Mahabharat

Mythology is the order of India. Right from the ancient times, Indians grew up with mythological and legendary stories. There might hardly be an Indian who has not heard any mythological story at some point of time. While some consider mythologies as actual history, some consider them as exaggeration of facts that happened thousands of years back.

Authors like Amish were the first who started writing fiction based mythological stories. His Shiva trilogy has not only made him a household name, but has earned him movie contracts too. Another such author is Christopher C Doyle whose Mahabharata trilogy has earned him enough name and fame.

Legal Professional and author

Life of Rashmi Chendvankar centered on her career as a Company Secretary and a Legal professional and her family. But her keen interest in history and mythology from her very childhood kept providing her brain some food for thought.

When she started writing her novel, she chose mythology and created a plot, dated it in 600 BCE and linked it with The Mahabharata.

The Novel

The RigVeda Code, the novel written by Rashmi fulfills her dream of creating something out of history mixed with mythology. She kept her usual life as a Legal professional & a family person going on while writing her dream book. She used to find out time in the night to continue her project and also used to write while travelling in the back seat of her car! Dedicated!!


Rashmi says, she has always been fascinated by history as well as mythology. Even though she does not belong to the group who believes that mythology is actually history, she has always believed that our history is always much more than what has been recorded.

She believes that when the idea is strong enough, words keep flowing. What kept her going during her writing phase were the strong idea and her day dreaming habit.

The Book

The book centers around an ancient Indian warrior princess and her journey. The book is set at the time when India was experiencing the rise of Jainism and Buddhism. It was a very crucial period of Indian history and most history that we study of that time is mostly religion centered. An alternative approach during that time, with a link to the Mahabharata is definitely like a breath of fresh air.

On asked whether she is preparing a sequel to it or some other book, she said she will definitely write once another idea strikes her mind.

Blogger’s note

Mythology may or may not be history. That is completely a different field of argument, but Indian history is always written by either foreigners or by people heavily biased by foreign thought process. We need to research more and more on whether mythology can be history or whether there are some stories behind each and every aspect of mythology.

But one thing for sure, India is rich in history as well as mythology. Finding a nice plot for an awesome fiction based on history and mythology is very much possible in the Indian context.

All that matters is the story content and the writing skills. Good Luck to Rashmi Chendvankar.


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