Social service without advertising- Gayatri Parivar

Today I had a very good experience. A senior of mine invited me to take part in social activity organised by All World Gayatri Parivar at Kirandul burning ground.

It was a nice experience. People gave their valuable 2-3 hrs to clean the burning ground (Shamshan Ghat). Nobody expected anything in return. I took part in the event and had a jovial time.

It’s easy to talk about things. But a great idea without proper execution is just a day dream. Working towards development is the key to self awareness. We need to know ourselves before knowing the world. We need to constantly strive for betterment.

Most of the intellectuals sit in AC rooms and just talk about bringing a revolution. What revolution they talk about, even they themselves don’t know.

One thing I have learned that it’s easy to judge people. But it’s very difficult to understand them. It’s always good to take part in these small incidents and make a small effort from your end.


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One Response to Social service without advertising- Gayatri Parivar

  1. Santosh Kumar panda says:

    Good job done Bhowmick


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