Indian football team at world 137

I started watching Indian football a long time ago. My first ever international match on TV was India vs Iceland in 2000. And my only live match till date is India vs Malaysia in 2011.

World football has come a long way. But not Indian football. It continues to be mismanaged by AIFF. Clubs are being run by politicians rather than professionals.

But the recent development that our national team has witnessed can be called amazing. Today FIFA has released it’s latest rankings and we are 137 in the world. The last time we have been this good was in 2010.

After that our system and our inefficient AIFF officials have ruined the national teams reputation worldwide. We have been continuously playing Nepal, Bangladesh and Maldives.

It was Bob Houghton who understood the true potential of a strong team and who visioned 2018 WC in Russia. The visionary was forced out of the team after 2011 AFC Asian cup. But the stamina he injected in the team still remains.

Steve Constantine is serving his second term as Team India coach. This time he is way matured and following Bob’s footsteps. He is making the team play against world class teams. This will not only boost national players performance, but will also boost our ranking.

India defeated Puerto Rico in September. And proceeded 4 places in Sept ranings. In the past 1 month we have not played any international match, but have improved our ranking this month.

It is going great. We hope our inefficient officials at AIFF do not jeopardize Constantine’s efforts for their whims.

We look forward to play more internationals with teams like Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada & New Zealand. I hope AIFF arranges these matches and we can improve further.


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