What is better: a job or entrepreneurship?

Originally written by me for a Quora answer.


You need to look at the pros and cons of both of these.

Let us discuss about Jobs first.
1. You have a specific time for your work. Even if you have to work sometimes after the office hours, that is not the daily scenario.
2. You get time for your other activities after your working hours.
3. You get your salary at the end of each month.
4. You get promotions and new job activities.
5. You get a peer circle throughout your time in your cubicle.

1. You may not get the due credit for your work.
2. Hard work often gets unnoticed.
3. The competition among your team may drive you crazy.
4. No or little job satisfaction.
5. Fear of losing job during slowdown or recession.

Now let’s talk about entrepreneurship.
1. You don’t report to anybody. You can work freely.
2. Work hard and get remuneration accordingly. The better you provide products or services, the better is your prospects.
3. You can take a day off as per your own convenience.
4. You are your own boss. You are whatever you do.
5. You can have job satisfaction along with desired career growth.

1. The first and foremost is the risk factor. If you fail to deliver the desired result, chances are you lose your ground.
2. No surety of financial success. There are many entrepreneurs who had to go back to their routine desk job.
3. You virtually don’t get leave even though you can take.
4. You don’t have one boss, you have multiple. All the stake owners will expect you to provide better quality products or service.
5. You may not get enough time to socialize or be with family.

There are pros and cons with every aspect of life. Now it’s you who is going to chose whether to be a job holder or an entrepreneur. Nobody can suggest you better than yourself.



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