Gender discrimination


Disturbing news like Rape, Molestation and acid attacks are growing every day. It’s not like that these things did not happen in the past, but mostly used to be either suppressed or ignored.

Most crime against women are ignored. Also there are instances when a crime against a man is either ridiculed or faked.

Though it is a fact that crime against women are done by all sort of people, it is mostly done by people who objectify women.

These people see women as an object. They often have a background where they have grown up seeing discrimination and felt that this is usual. Most have seen their father mercilessly beating there mother.

Also, there is a reverse angle to this point. If a boy grows up seeing his mother beating his father and everybody afraid of his mother, he may have gown up with a resentment against women.

Some have troubled childhood. Some are people who have seen rejection as a daily part of their lives. They have faced so much rejection, they just can’t handle it anymore and take their grudge against a women.

Again there are Feminazis whose sole motive is to beat and humiliate any men they can hit. This won’t bring equality. They need to understand that feminism is more like equality, not beating and humiliating or cheating men. This is not a solution at all.

Initiating tough laws is like giving an anti-dote. It will work for some time, but may have some side effects. We need a better solution.

We need to teach people that all lives matter. That they need to respect humans, not a particular gender. We also need to teach the feminazis that, every human matters.

This cannot be done in a single day. This needs years of Tapasya to achieve. We need to change the mindset of people, we should not push them. Forcing a certain ideology has done no good for any one. We need a sage’s solution, dilution. Diluting the mind of the people and making them understand the value of trust and humanity.

If this is taught by every parent, teacher, friend, boss, etc to people, this will definitely be achieved.


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