Eating boiled food


My cook took a week’s leave due. I was left with 2 options. Either eat outside or cook. I decided to cook. Now I can cook a little bit, but cooking a full meal requires at least an hour and it was practically impossible to do this in the afternoon.

So I decided to go for boiled food.

I took some rice, some dal, 2 potato, some veggies and then added some salt in it. Then I boiled it for around 8-10 mins. After that I threw the water and ate the boiled food.

I won’t say it was extremely delicious, but I will say it was heartening. The food was eatable and gave me energy required.

Eating boiled food gives many benefits like weight control and clean bowel movement. It’s very beneficial and requires minimum time. It’s very healthy. We can go for boiled food once every week.




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