Need for two different time zones in India

Being born and brought up in Arunachal Pradesh which is the easternmost state of India, I think I need to answer this question.

The picture above speaks the whole story.

I have spent my whole childhood watching the sky getting dark at around 5–6 pm. Then when I moved to North India for further studies, I was astonished to see sun even after 7 pm sometimes. So, that’s how much variation in the time exists in our country.

So Yes, we really need a different Time Zone for North-East Indian states. A time zone which should be an hour ahead of the rest of India, i.e. GMT+6:30. Currently the entire India follows GMT+5:30 timezone, which is not at all efficient for a country that extends 2933 km from east to west. The “Dong” village of Arunachal Pradesh sees sunrise 2 hours before “Guhar Moti” village of Gujarat. The actual timezone of North east is about an hour ahead of the GMT+5:30 which in turn results in wastage of a lot of daylight, thus affecting the productivity. Many government and private offices are forced to open even when the daylight gets low, which results in unnecessary power wastage. By changing the time zone, they will be able to make most of the natural daylight.

Countries like United States, Australia already have multiple time-zones. Moreover, the concept of “Daylight savings” is used in United States in which they reset the clocks for different seasons.

Its high time we should get multiple time-zones.


This answer has been written in quora.

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