Why do the Bengalis hate the idea of Gorkhaland?

The problem of Gorkhaland is not a fight between the Bengalis and the Gorkhas. It’s a fight of inclusion and non-inclusion.

Mainland Bengalis (from Kolkata) has a very weird idea of Bengal. For most elite, Bengali of Kolkata are the real Bengalis. Others are just Bengali speakers.

This mentality comes from the Bhodrolok culture of the mid-nineteenth century. The bhodroloks of Kolkata have their elite education from elite schools and colleges and they are always a dominant figure in Jobs, cinema, art and culture. Their dialect of Bengali is considered as the face of Bengali language.

On the other hand, there are Bengalis from districts, who speak in their own accent, often study in district level schools and colleges. They are definitely not a part of this bhodrolok culture.

Forget about the Gorkhas for a while. There are so many other tribes in Bengal who are integral to Bengal. The Santhals, Mundas, Lepchas. Are they considered to be part of Bengal fraternity? Certainly there are people who are compassionate with them, but are the bhodroloks concerned? (refer Agantuk, by Satyajit Ray).

Urdu, a language alien to West Bengal is being given priority in state affairs. Is Nepali being given the same status? Is Santhali being given the same status?

To support or not to support is purely an individual choice. But to make all the residents of Bengal inclusive, should definitely be a matter of principle. Start making them inclusive, show compassion to them, make them feel at home. We can make the Bangladeshi refugees a part of our society, why can’t the sons of soil?

Inclusion will definitely make the situation better for everyone. Unity among diversity, the motto that binds India shall bind West Bengal.






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