How come Kabir is so popular as a philosopher but did not leave behind any cult or religion after him?

Did all philosopher leave behind a new cult or religion? I guess not. Plato was a great philosopher, so was Aristotle and Socrates. Did they leave behind new religion or cult? No.

Philosophers are seekers of truth. They do not promote any cult or religion. They are mainly teachers. They seek truth and tell the world about it.

Truth, on the other hand is very relative. That is the reason no two philosophy is same. That is why, Indian philosophy talks about nothingness and Western philosophy talks about Heroism. All these are perspective truth. Truth from the point of view of a person.

Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism never taught any new religion. All he did was he questioned the existing practices, and gave his Truth to the world. His followers did get separate from the dominant Brahminical religion and started following Buddha’s path, that came to be known as Buddhism.

This is the reason Kabir’s dohey is still revered and he is considered as a great philosopher.



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